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Odondo is a "Talking Drum" is used by local tribes in Ghana; it serves as a communicating device for passing messages to far-off places. The term "talking drum" comes from its original design, which when used properly produces pitch variations that mimic those in speech, known by the local tribes in Ghana as 'The Talk'. Tribal leaders rely on these messages to be informed of threats to their tribes before those threats are able to inflict serious harm.

Odondo - Sowing the seeds of good governance ...

Odondo aims to permeate positive energies in an organization. To achieve its goal Odondo has a 360° solution approach. It focuses on enabling meaningful communication across organizational stakeholders.

Odondo at its front-end is a user-friendly web-based system. It is a unique communication channel empowering people to inform the management in a fearless and even in an anonymous manner on all matters that expose the organization to serious risks – such as weaknesses, threats - which may be potential risks to reputation, brand and business.

At its back-end Odondo is a powerful knowledge database that is synchronized to capture the numerous reports that people file. It enables intelligent harvesting of the electronic footprints of people’s voices via proprietary search engines and data mining tools. These create meaningful dash-boards / customized reports at an enterprise level. Boards and managements can now feel the real pulse of the organization and take proactive steps to defuse emerging risks.

Realistically speaking, Odondo is not a whistle-blowing tool but rather a heat sensor that has the power to quickly detect emerging risks well before they can become a full-blown fire and inflict serious damage to the organization.

Odondo is a product from Compassites Software Solutions Pvt Ltd.