get started

Simple to use
Odondo™ is very simple & user friendly. It is highly intutive in nature.

Anonymous Chat
The reporter can chat with the corporate representative anonymously.

Odondo™ offers complete confidentiality of information shared. Only the designated authority has access to reports filed by stakeholders.
The reporter is free to remain anonymous.The ip address of the machine from which s/he is reporting is not tracked by the Odondo application.
Real Time Statistics
State-of-the-art statistical tools to pin-point the trouble-spots in your organization.

Share issues with experts
Share your concerns with subject-matter experts without revealing confidential details.

Evidence Upload
Reporters can upload documents as supporting evidence while 'Filing a Report', as well as at a later stage.
Work across time-zones
Choose your time zone and schedule a chat with the reporter at a convenient time from anywhere in the world.

Direct Access
Accessible from anywhere if an Internet connection is available.

Executive Dashboard
Provides graphical dashboard and enables development of new risk insights, process improvements, procedure calibration and policy alignment.