Odondo - The 360° Solution Approach


The 360° cycle starts with strong communication and ends again with communication...

In-between, there are stages of inputs of news, opportunities, weaknesses and threats which are intelligently processed by proprietary search algorithms and data mining tools which when combined with the intervention of experienced professionals generate outputs that build a categorized tag based knowledge repository.

Outputs from this repository, in the form of customized dash-boards and reports, provide real-time knowledge to internal control functions.

These when acted upon by management produce the desired results viz;
        Continuous improvement of processes enhancing controls,
                Continuous calibration of Procedures to meet the challenges of reality,
                        Continuous alignment of Policies and practices to bring harmony.

The confidence level of people who are encouraged to share their observation will be far more elevated as this unique solution is on a fully outsourced and independent platform bringing a high level of credibility and safety.