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V.V. Ranganathan
.22nd May 2008
Listen what VV Ranganathan has to say about Corporate governance.

Voice America and Cision Launch PR Insider
PR Web (press release), WA - 22 hours ago
Selling Sexual Harassment, another installment, features PR representatives for Michael Jackson, Kobe Bryant, and Monica Lewinsky, in a discussion of how to ...

A King-size Fraud
LeadershipNigeria, Nigeria - 21 Sep 2008
Businessmen and corporate bodies are supposed to pay tax as their contribution to the act of governance that entails provision of infrastructure and ...

Drugs, Violence, Fraud and Sexual Harassment in the Workplace ...
PRnine (press release), CA - 12 Sep 2008
In an edgy new advertising campaign created by AdVille for Ethical Advocates of North Carolina, potential troublemakers up and down the corporate ladder are ...

Corporate fraud on the rise, NC - 17 Sep 2008
More than four out of five health care companies surveyed (86 percent) have suffered from corporate fraud in the past three years, up four points from last ...

Hamilton woman charged with fraud
Georgina Advocate, Canada - 19 Sep 2008
A Hamilton woman is charged after a Markham company noticed financial irregularities on corporate credit card accounts. An unidentified large pharmaceutical ...

Blame Game: A Jury Tackles CFO-CEO Fraud Magazine, NY - 29 Aug 2008
Hayes Lemmerz trial suggests that when the two top executives face SEC accounting- abuse charges, the CFO's expertise can hurt. How does a jury react when a ...

FBI Launches Fraud Investigation Into Fannie, Freddie, Lehman, AIG
The Public Record, California - 2 hours ago
"The FBI will pursue these cases as far up the corporate chain as is necessary to ensure that those responsible receive the justice they deserve," he said. ..